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We are a full-service drive train center that specializes in building drive shafts for vehicles and equipment of all makes and models and complete automotive differential overhauls, including:

  • Original Equipment

  • Race Applications

  • Rock Crawlers

  • Agricultural Equipment

  • PTO Shafts

  • Differentials

  • Posi-locker Installs

We are a fully equipped garage, so if you don't want to pull that drive shaft or differential yourself, we can do it for you.


Dynamic Balancing

All major repairs (retubes, welded ends, shortening, etc..)

and new shafts are dynamically balanced.


Posi and Locker Installation

If you want to increase the traction of your vehicle on slick roads, dirt, or even just dry pavement we have many Posi and locker options available for you. We use the best products available from ARB, Eaton, and Auburn.

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Full Differential Repair

We do complete overhauls on differentials which include anything from differential ratio changes to standard bearing replacements and diagnostics. Whether it's for your daily driver or your racecar we can help.


Drive Shaft Repair

When it comes to drive shaft repair, we can do it all. We replace welded end yokes, retube shafts, shorten shafts, balance shafts, and more using the best parts. We are a Neapco dealer but also use quality products from Spicer and Meritor.


New Drive Shaft Builds

We can build a drive shaft with all new components to your specifications. Place an order for a custom shaft here.

Drive Shaft Repair
New Drive Shaft Builds
Dynamic Balancing
Posi and Locker Installation
Full Differential Repair
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